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7 Best Leather Zero Gravity Chair – Reviews And Buying Guide

Zero gravity chairs are designed to make you feel weightless, energetic, stress-free. One reason behind this is you have to raise your feet at the same level as your heart. We can call these chairs a stress relief chair or weightless chair. Most body pain, mental pain, many diseases that come from stress. Zero gravity seats help you balance all the negative effects of the body and feel that it likes to be stress-free. 

In our previous article, we have presented the lightweight best zero gravity chair that you can place at your relaxation station. Now, I have brought the best Leather zero gravity chair so that you can enjoy your moment for a long day. The zero gravity chair helps to improve all the pain.  Save time and find the right zero gravity leather chair in one place.

Image Product Feature  Price
Best zero gravity leather chair FDW Wingback Zero Gravity Leather Chair Sun-light Resistant Exterior Check Price On Amazon
Best zero gravity chair with premium leather Human Touch PC -420 Zero Gravity Leather Chair Long Lasting Use Check Price On Amazon
7 Best zero gravity leather Chair Giantex Zero Gravity Leather Chair High-Quality Sponge Padding Check Price On Amazon
11 best zero gravity leather chair Human Touch PC-610 Zero Gravity Leather Chair Tested And Certified Look Check Price On Amazon
Best zero gravity recliner chair Osake ZR-P1 Zero Gravity Leather Chair Offeres Extreme Level Of Comfort Check Price On Amazon
Zero gravity leather chair Svago ZGR Zero Gravity Leather Chair Dual Power Gravity Recliner Check Price On Amazon
leather zero gravity chair Yaheetech Zero Gravity Leather Chair Solid Stability Check Price On Amazon

7 Top-Rated Best leather Zero Gravity Chair

1. FDW Wingback - Leather Zero Gravity Chair

FDW Wingback Recliner chair with its sophisticated design and sunlight-resistant exterior. This is a perfect chair for any home, theatre, restaurant, or business setting. The chair dimension is 63 * 27 * 30 inches. The weight of this chair is 58 pounds.

Feature – It has included a dual-function foot extension and a reclining back to make you feel unwind and stress-free. A wingback chair is upholstered with durable PU, waterproof. This sofa chair is engineered with a solid hardwood framework to provide stability and durability. This sofa chair is sleek, modern and sophisticated. This is a sunlight-resistant chair. 

  • Easy to install
  • Sophisticated chair
  • Sunlight-resistant & waterproof
  • A little bit heavy.

2. Human Touch PC-420 - Leather Zero Gravity Chair

The Human Touch PC-420 classic perfect zero gravity leather chair is made with premium leather to give you maximum comfort. The dimension of this chair is  43 * 31 * 47 inches. The weight of this chair is 145 pounds. The maximum support weight capacity is 400 lbs.

 Feature – This chair is constructed with a high-tensile-strength body framework to provide protection against rust and discoloration.  This chair has available features that are full support head pillow, high-density lumbar support and sculpted leg accented with integrated floor guides. This chair consists of a fluid manual recline function to use the body’s own weight to gently ease into all desired recline angle.rust and discoloration. The hand carved and finished base is constructed for long-lasting use. The patented ergonomic body framework with the built-in lumbar curve. The guide rail feature is for smooth recline motion and position control.

  • Wide leg rest
  • Guide rail system
  • Brake control system
  • Heavy to hold.

3. Giantex Zero - Leather Zero Gravity Chair

The Giantex Zero Gravity Sofa recliner chair is made with premium leather. The ergonomically designed leather chair is perfect for home, office, business purposes. The chair dimension is 27.6 * 48.4 * 42.5 inches. The chair’s maximum support weight capacity is 330 lbs.

 Feature – This chair is designed with high pack PU leather and retractable footrest that can be pulled out to relax your legs or fully withdrawn for work. It has a breathable thick padded comfortable soft-touch headrest to add extra comfort. This is a durable and long-lasting chair. This chair is made with a high-quality sponge padding, steel base, and PU leather that make it for wet and dry clean and protect from dirt.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Modern and elegant shape
  • A Little bit costly.

4. Human touch "PC-610" - Zero Gravity Chair

The Human touch classic perfect “PC-610 leather zero gravity chair is a handcrafted therapeutic walnut power recliner chair. The dimension of this chair is 43 * 31 * 47 inches. The weight of this chair is 118 pounds. The maximum weight support capacity is 350 lbs. 

Feature – This certified refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. This chair includes dual motor power functionality that allows users to use the desired angled position and leg elevation. The included Nickel-plated gilde rail system provides a smooth and effortless recline. This is designed with top-grain leather for style and long-lasting use. The pebble grain texture and triple-stitch patterns reflect the quality of the chair. It is available with so many features, a brake control system for easy to use and wide-leg rest for reliable comfort.

  • Durable
  • Smooth recline function
  • Tested and certified look
  • A little bit of an expensive chair.

5. Osake ZR-P1 -Zero Gravity Chair

The Osake ZR-P1 Zero Gravity leather chair allows you to enjoy it at home. This ZR-P1 chair makes sure for the highest level of comfort throughout your entire experience. The dimension 750 * 980 * 1160 mm. The weight of this chair is 93 pounds. 

Feature – This chair is engineered with real wood material for stability and durability.  It is available with so many features, brake control system for easy to use, lumbar support cushion, and wide-leg rest for reliable comfort. The guide rail feature is for smooth recline motion and position control. This breathable padded fabric made this chair wet, and dry clean. It has a breathable thick padded comfortable soft-touch headrest to add extra comfort.

  • Extreme comfort
  • Durable
  • Breathable fabric
  • It needs high maintenance.

6. Svago ZGR - Leather Zero Gravity Chair

The Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power zero gravity recliner  can be used as a traditional recliner or zero gravity chair.  This chair has a fine furniture look. The dimension of this chair is 43.3 * 30.7 * 47.5 inches. The weight of the chair is 150 pounds. The supporting weight capacity is 300 lbs.  

Feature – This zero gravity chair is designed with synthetic polyurethane leather. It is available with a remote control that allows you to effortlessly adjust the back or footrest to an optimal position. It is available with massage and heat features, the multi-pulse vibration nodes gently massage away stress and soothing heat to help sore muscles recover faster. It has an adjustable headrest and extended armrest for additional comfort.

  • Superior comfort
  • Durable
  • Massage and heat
  • Little bit costly.

7. Yaheetech - Leather Zero Gravity Chair

The yaheetech PU leather recliner chair is perfect for relaxing neck, supporting waist, Releasing hand and circulating blood. It offers the ultimate sitting experience. The chair dimension is 27.2 * 33.1 * 39.2 inches. The chair’s weight is 52 pounds. The supporting weight capacity is 265 lbs.


Feature – This chair is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame and reinforced with a backrest that offers solid stability. This chair is wrapped with PU and PVC leather that is not only for softness and luxury appearance but also offers good performance in water and stain resistance. The wide armrest with arc design offers additional comfort. This chair seat is designed with a pocket spring coil for first-class enjoyment. The thick high-density foam is upheld by quality pocket springs.

  • Superior quality
  • Three relaxation modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Little bit less weight capacity than others.

Buyer's Guide Of Best Leather Zero Gravity Chair

How to Use Zero Gravity Chair?

Zero gravity chair is used for upright and leaning back position. You can angle this chair at your desired position. There are so many modes such as you are manually achieved in a reclined position or some may be available in automatically reclined chairs. As you recline, the footrest of the zero gravity seat will reach out simultaneously, raising your legs into alignment with your heart. The reclining chair maintains your natural spine curve. This chair is available with a lift mechanism that allows easy access and exit through the lift mechanism. 

How to sit on Zero Gravity Chair?

When you sit in a zero gravity chair,  you have to be sure that the chair is in a locked position or it can be adjusted to the full, upright position. It has a power button and remote control that help to recline the chair in the desired angle. In a manual chair, you have to do it yourself by using your body weight to press back into the above part of the chair. As you come in recline position the footrest extends and it allows you to sit or recline according to your needs. 

How to Lock a Zero Gravity Chair ​?

Chair locking systems are dependent upon the models of the chair. The manual zero gravity chair is generally used for outdoor purposes so the locking mechanism is already available and it allows you to lock and adjust the chair in your desired position. The power zero gravity chair comes with a power button or remote control. So you can control and adjust the chair by press button or remote control. Some models are available with a memory function that allows you to pre-set a specific leaned back position. So you can recline in your desired position just by pressing memory options.

How to Recline a Zero Gravity Chair?

You can recline the chair with any remote control button and press the button in some model. And In a manual chair, you have to push yourself backward and the footrest will extend and you can lean back according to your position or angle. 

How to Restring a Zero Gravity Chair?

The zero gravity leather chair is engineered with solid elastic and cords that pull the seat’s texture tight so it’s sufficiently able to hold your body weight.  When heavyweight people use this chair then the string can start to disentangle and it makes the texture droop so at that time we can buy new bungee cord material online or hardware store.  When you start to restring the chair you have to be careful and use zip connections to safely hold the texture set up and guarantee the right strain(tension).  and now you can start knitting your new bungee string material through grommets in texture, such as how you lace your shoes. Pick the chair according to your weight, size. 

The Final Words

We have reviewed top rated leather zero gravity chairs with all benefits and features. These all the chairs available with various brands size, design, and use. A zero gravity chair will definitely help to meet your needs to make you feel comfortable. I hope our buying will help to solve all the doubts which run in common people’s minds. Choose wisely the right chair for you. Enjoy Your every moments with Best leather zero gravity chair while studying, watching movies, etc.

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